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Konnan thinks WWE could’ve had money drawing feuds involving Cain Velasquez

One of the more interesting releases done by WWE was former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez.

Of course, WWE has cut other talent due to this as they make adjustments to their budget as a result of the impact of the coronavirus. With Cain not working recently and having a big-money deal, it was an easy decision for the company.

However, Konnan believes that WWE left money on the table by releasing the UFC star.

He stated so during an episode of his “Keepin it 100” podcast recently. The clip is short thanks to Disco Inferno interrupting.

Konnan stated, “How weird is that bro? They use the guy one time, that’s it.” After being interrupted, he stated, “Well, you say they don’t need him but I think there was money in him and [Bobby] Lashley, him and Brock[Lesnar].”

While Konnan didn’t continue what he thought of the situation, the likely reason he thought these could be drawing feuds is due to their MMA backgrounds and the perception of real fighters wrestling each other.

WWE did this type of build in the feud with Cain and Lesnar not only heading into their match at Crown Jewel but during it as well.

You can read about the latest backstage news regarding Velasquez’s WWE release here and check out the soundbite below:


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