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Kota Ibushi says he turned down a five-year WWE contract



Kota Ibushi recently did an interview with that was translated by Chris Carlton on Twitter. In the interview, Ibushi said that WWE offered him a five-year contract, but he turned them down. WWE then offered a three-year and then a two-year contract. He turned those contracts down as well. He noted in the interview that he was against signing an exclusive contract from the word go as he is happy to sign a date by date contract. Ibushi said that WWE offered him a significant amount of money to him, but he wants to continue to work in Japan and be a big deal on the Japan wrestling scene.

Ibushi mentioned that he had wrestled fewer matches this year than he has in previous years but thinks that his body has benefitted from a lighter schedule as he is in the best shape of his career. Ibushi said that he feels the best he has in 12 years and that he is on the verge of something big.

Ibushi wants to do more and is set to appear at a DDT event, charity event, and a festival next month. He also wants to work the NXT show in Osaka on December 3rd.

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After the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, Ibushi was used on a few NXT live events. He likely will not be used on RAW because WWE doesn’t want guys on the main shows that won’t commit to signing full-time deals with the company.