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Kurt Angle and his son Jason Jordan discuss their big Raw reveal

It finally happened on Raw this week when Kurt Angle came clean and confessed whatever he’s been hiding for weeks. After a lot of speculation that his secret would involve Dixie Carter, Jason Jordan was introduced as Kurt’s long-lost son in a segment that makes it hard to argue when people call WWE a soap opera.

After Raw went off the air, Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan sat down with Renee Young to shed more light on exactly what is going on.

Jason Jordan said he’s grateful for the support of the WWE Universe and this new chapter in his life. He’s also thankful for the unconditional love and support of his parents. He said he’s very excited.

Jordan said he found out he was adopted when he graduated college. He said he was shocked and didn’t know what to think. But after everything had settled it all made sense. He said he realized it’s been an amazing ride and his parents have shown so much support for him and his interest in sports.

He always wondered where his athletic ability came from as his daddy Kurt Angle smiled with pride.

Jordan said when he found out he was adopted he wanted to know more, but he didn’t. He said he didn’t want to disrespect his mom and dad by trying to find out. But after a few times, they came to the conclusion that they needed to find more information. Jordan said he hired a private investigator and they tracked down his birth-mother.

Jason said it was a difficult conversation when he met his mother but he wanted to know who his birth-father was. He said it’s all surreal “but seriously, Kurt Angle is my dad?!”

Kurt spoke up and said he wanted to make sure Jordan didn’t make the same mistakes he made.

Renee Young asked Jason Jordan if being on Raw was going to help him with Kurt being his father. Jordan said he’s very proud of who his dad is but he got there on his own.

Kurt Angle said Jason has all three I’s intensity, intelligence, and integrity.

When asked if he was going to follow in his father’s footsteps Jordan assured her he will someday be a champion. “It’s true” Kurt replied.

Angle said he spoke to Jason’s birth-mother and she’s a very private person but she’s okay with this. He said he was nervous to reveal this secret to the WWE Universe but fortunately it all worked out. Jordan said he was nervous too but he’s glad they did it.

Kurt said he wanted to get to know Jason more and stopped the interview after that (scroll down to see a clip from the interview).

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