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Kurt Angle comments on WWE return rumors



The folks at Title Match Wrestling caught up with Kurt Angle at Saturday's Reality Of Wrestling show in Texas City, TX. Angle was asked about his WrestleMania dream match. He said that he wanted to wrestle Daniel Bryan but that's not possible now because he's retired. He said that he'd love to wrestle Rusev, Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns but Seth Rollins is the one guy he'd really like to wrestle. He said that AJ Styles is the only guy that can equal or exceed Rollins in the ring.

Regarding a WWE return, he said, "For me to go back it would have to be the right match - the right program. Also, you would have to have interest from Triple H and Vince McMahon. I spoke with them a few months ago [and] they do have interest [and] they just don't know what they wanna do and they don't know when. I haven't talked to anybody in the last few months. I don't expect to until late fall. You're not gonna see Kurt Angle in that ring this year. Maybe next year, maybe not at all. It was more of a loose conversation. They have interest [and] I have interest but [the talks] didn't really go anywhere so right now I'm enjoying my time off."

Angle said that he enjoys his time in WWE and TNA and he has no regrets. I think Angle would be perfect as the headliner for the 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame. It would be great if he had his last match on the following night at WrestleMania.

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