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Kurt Angle explains why he turned down WWE’s offer to manage Matt Riddle



While doing an interview with, Kurt Angle opened up on his decision to turn down a role to be the manager of Matt Riddle.

Earlier this year, Angle served as the referee for the Cage Fight between Riddle and Thatcher on an episode of NXT. This was Riddle’s last match in NXT as he was called up to the main roster to be part of SmackDown.

The WWE Hall of Famer revealed that WWE had offered him to manage Riddle, but he decided to turn down the role even though he had just been furloughed as a producer.

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According to Angle, there are two reasons he didn’t take the role - his Physically Fit Nutrition and WWE didn’t offer him enough money.

“Two reasons – one was my company I started needed my attention 100%, especially with the virus thing and I had to just be there for the company and the other thing was the money, it just…it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t going to manage somebody for the amount of money they wanted to give me.”

Angle also talked about never competing in the UFC, his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 19, and more. Check out the full interview here.