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Kurt Angle explains why Nia Jax is the only woman to have her weight announced during her entrance

I don’t envy Kurt Angle having to make sense of some of the weird decisions made by WWE management. Kurt is a nice guy and does everything to accommodate his fans and that includes answering questions on Twitter – and many of the questions have to do with things that are out of his control.

There’s one question that probably should have been left alone. A fan asked why Nia Jax is the only woman to have her weight announced when she makes her weight to the ring. The rule in WWE is that they announce the weight for the male wrestlers but no weight is given for the women. That’s fine if things were equal across the board but Nia Jax’ weight is mentioned when she makes her entrance before her matches.

Why is that? Here is Kurt’s response:

Now, keep in mind that this is not Kurt’s decision and he is probably just freestyling his answers but, as you can see from some of the Twitter responses, his answer left some fans scratching their heads.

I want to give the benefit of the doubt here and I hope that Jax was the one that asked to have her weight announced during her entrance.

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