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Kurt Angle gives high praise to Nigel McGuinness, comments on his time in NJPW

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Kurt Angle gives high praise to Nigel McGuinness, comments on his time in NJPW

Kurt Angle recently spoke with Marc Madison of The Wrestling News Hub Magazine about various topics. During the interview, he was asked if Nigel McGuinness takes the title of being the greatest wrestler to never to be in the WWE. Angle believed so and said that McGuinness was really gifted. He noted that he thought that McGuinness was way better than he had expected him to be and that he was a very special talent. He noted that McGuinness had some great technical and was one of the best technical wrestlers that he has wrested. He brought up teaching McGuinness how to give and take in the ring. He noted that he helped hi understand the concept of a heel and because of it, he became a better wrestler. “The reason being he was so damn good at it that he dominated every opponent he wrestled. Once I got him to tone down, he became even better of a wrestler. I think that he is the best wrestler that never went to WWE, and I think he could have gone if he didn’t have the medical issues, and he would have had an incredible career.”

When asked about his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling, he noted that he had an incredible time competing in the promotion and brought up wrestling top names. He noted that his favorite wrestler in NJPW was Yugi Nagata. He noted that when you go over there and work with someone for the first time, and you have a great match, then that goes to show how much of a company they had over there. “They have a lot of great wrestlers, and a lot of great wrestlers from the west are going over there. There is a good mix of them. It is just amazing how far that company has come because it was big for a long time, but then it calmed down, and now it is making its comeback.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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