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Kurt Angle gives his thoughts on potential Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens match for WWE WrestleMania



This week's episode of The Kurt Angle Show on covered WWE No Way Out 2002. That pay-per-view featured Kurt against Triple H in a number 1 contenders match for the Undisputed WWE Championship at WrestleMania X8. Also on this week's show Kurt gave his thoughts on some of the current wrestling news.

Kurt Angle’s thoughts on the NWO coming to WWE in early 2002:

"Well, there were mixed feelings, I think because of some things that occurred in the past. I don't really know about them. I've heard some stories. But you know, the NWO, those guys could be really political, and it could bury some people's careers. I never saw to be honest with you, but that was the rumor and the thought going around the locker room."

On whether he was worried about the NWO came in:

"Some guys were concerned. But for me, I wasn't concerned because I was totally confident in my ability to wrestle. I knew I was one of the best wrestlers at this particular time, and I could entertain the fans. I was really good at doing what I did, and I wasn't that concerned about Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash and Scott Hall coming in."

On working with The Rock:

"There's nobody that cuts a promo like The Rock, and not only that, his in ring skills are incredible. He's one of the best athletes I've ever been in the ring with and a lot of fun to work with. When Rock and I would work with each other, up until this point in 2002, I probably worked with him 100 times, so it was really easy. We had match A, match B, match C, and we would just say hey, 'Let's do match B tonight and add a little bit to the repertoire just to change it up a bit. Rock and I were so comfortable working with each other that it was awesome. We had a lot of fun."

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On if he was surprised at hearing Steve Austin possibly working a match at this year’s WrestleMania:

"I'm surprised and I'm not surprised. I mean, he's been out for so long. But you know, as long as he's healthy and he's able to do it, I'm looking forward to it.”

Thoughts on Kevin Owens being a possible opponent for Austin:

"Well, it makes perfect sense, stunner versus stunner. You know, Kevin Owens took the Stone Cold finish. I think that that's probably the best matchup for Stone Cold at this particular time. Kevin Owens, he can go in that ring. He's very athletic, especially for his size.”

Kurt Angle defeated Triple H at No Way Out 2002 with Stephanie McMahon as the referee. Angle was asked if he thinks Stephanie helped or hurt the match:

"I don't think she helped or hurt. I don't think it was really much of a difference whether we had her or not. I think the problem is we had way too many ref bumps, and when you have a special guest referee, it can be a little difficult. I will say this. She should have done a fast count both times on the count on Hunter, and it wasn't her fault. That was a creative mess. I think the creative dropped the ball on that. I would have gotten more heat if it was a fast count."

"I was happy with the match, I just hated the referee bumps. There were four referee bumps. It was absolutely way too much."

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