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Kurt Angle has an interesting idea on how to integrate more 205 Live wrestlers into WWE Raw

Kurt Angle was back on Facebook on Friday night for another fan Q&A.

He gave an interesting answer when he was asked if the guys from 205 Live should be integrated more on Monday Night Raw.

Angle said, “Yes. I think we should highlight each one for a month. So every month, have a different 205 superstar wrestle the top heavyweights on Raw and Smackdown. See which one the fans really get behind and push that wrestler into superstar mode. Then you have the next Rey Mysterio. It’s worth a shot, you never know. Just an idea.”

Some more questions answered…

Which match of yours you think people underrate?

Angle: My matches with Orton and Cena. They seem to be overshadowed by my matches with Austin, Rock, Taker, Eddie, Benoit, Mysterio, Michaels and Lesnar. I loved my matches with Orton and Cena!

What preparation it had took to compete in iron match against Brock Lesnar? How you made your mindset before any big match like at WM? Kindly do answer sir.

Angle: Focus. Focus. Focus. It’s about being in the moment and knowing what you want to achieve in a match. My story in the Ironman match was to be the underdog that kept falling behind, but I kept fighting back. There needs to be an underlying story you want to tell in ALL of your matches. Every one of my matches had some sort of story, especially at Wrestlemania.

Angle also answered a question about the botched shooting star press from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 19, how he stays sober, advice to aspiring pro wrestlers, the best way to make grilled cheese and more.

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Time for Friday Q&A guys. Post your questions below and I'll answer some of them for you in a few.

Posted by Kurt Angle on Friday, September 21, 2018

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