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Kurt Angle: “I am interested in talking with WWE”

Part 2 of Jim Ross’ podcast with Kurt Angle is up now.

Ross asked him about his interest in going to WWE after his TNA deal expires in September. Kurt said that he’s not allowed to talk with anyone at WWE because he’s under contract with TNA. He said he’s in a tough spot because he doesn’t know if they’re interested and he could be taking a chance by letting his TNA deal run out so he could see if WWE is interested. If they’re not then he has to figure out if TNA would take him back.

He said that he thinks John Gaburick is doing things a lot better in TNA and he’s a hard worker despite not having the money to work with. He said that Dixie Carter has always treated him right but 6 months ago he was tired of how he was being booked at the time.

Kurt said that the wellness program would not be an issue for him. A year ago it would have been an issue. He was drinking alcohol and taking Xanax a year ago but he says he’s been clean and sober for almost 11 months. He said that his neck has no issues and he would have no problems passing a physical. He said that he is not taking any drugs and would have no problems passing a drug test. He said that he was reckless when he left WWE in 2006 and Vince started keeping him at a distance. Kurt said that he was bitter about it but now he realizes that it was his fault and he would admit to Vince that he was wrong if he goes back to WWE.

Kurt revealed that he goes to AA meetings a couple of times a week and he’s on the WWE rehab program.

Kurt said that Daniel Bryan would be his first choice to work with. He mentioned Roman Reigns, Cesaro, and Rusev. He said if CM Punk ever came back he’d love to work with him. He said that he’d love to have a WrestleMania with The Undertaker and would like to have another match with Brock Lesnar.

He also gave his thoughts on the streak, CM Punk, Chris Benoit, and more. You can listen to the podcast below.


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