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During the latest Kurt Angle Show on, WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle talked about Jason Jordan, who was supposed to be getting a big push as the illegitimate son of Kurt. 

The angle came to a halt in 2018 due to Jordan's neck issues and he hasn't wrestled since that time. Angle talked about Jordan's neck issues that he still struggles with today. He also talked about Jordan's work backstage as a Producer and he talked about what it was like to work with Jordan.

Angle shared an interesting tidbit on why he was paired with Jordan to begin with.

"Vince McMahon caught wind that I dated a couple of African-American women in my past, just a couple," Angle said. "About 17 years ago, he had me do a program with Booker T and Sharmell where I was stalking Sharmell, Booker T's wife, and now it's Jason Jordan. So Vince likes to take ribs and turn them into storylines. He just has this crazy weird personality, and he just wanted to kind of rub it in my face, like, 'I know what was going on in your life and we're going to make some of that storyline.’”

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Angle covered a lot more on this podcast, including what the payoff was supposed to be for the storyline with Jordan, and more. Click below for more on how you can listen to The Kurt Angle Show.

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