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Kurt Angle on his WWE Hall of Fame speech: "They told me not to thank Vince because Vince does not like thank-yous."



Kurt Angle spoke this week during an episode of "The Kurt Angle Show" to talk about being in the WWE Hall of Fame, how he wanted Stone Cold to induct him but ended up with John Cena, and who wrote his speech for him.

Angle talking about being in the WWE Hall of Fame:

"It was a huge deal. I mean, if you're going to be in any pro wrestling Hall of Fame, the WWE Hall of Fame is the biggest one at this point in time," Angle said.

"I'm also inducted in the amateur wrestling Hall of Fame, the biggest one, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, so I'm proudly a part of both Hall of Fames that are the biggest in their respective fields."

On why he wanted Steve Austin to induct him into the Hall of Fame:

"Steve was my inspiration getting into the company. He's the guy I watched. He's the guy that I studied. I absolutely loved his character," Kurt shared.

"I love him as an individual and I wanted him to induct me, but I did pick a few other backups. But Steve was the guy that I wanted to induct me. I thought that it would be perfect because I had a great program with him when I started out, I beat him for the world championship, and I thought that he would be a great person to induct me."

Kurt talks about John Cena being the one who inducted him in the Hall of Fame:

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"I heard that Steve wasn't going to be available, but I wanted to give out my choices. You know, Undertaker, Cena, Steve Austin, any of those three I would love to induct me."

"You know, John was great because what I love about John is I consider him the greatest WWE superstar of all time. He's won 16 WWE world titles, the only person in history to do that. He has a great look. What he's done for the business, he stayed clean. He hardly ever got injured. He was consistent. He had a really long run."

"I consider him the greatest WWE superstar of all time and it was a really proud moment for me to be inducted by him. John was really well spoken and is a very intelligent person."

Kurt was asked if WWE wrote his Hall of Fame speech for him:

"Hell no. I wish they would have. The crazy thing is all I wrote was thank-yous. That's all I had written down. They told me not to thank Vince because Vince does not like thank-yous. He wants you to thank everybody else but him. So I had this speech ready, and five minutes."

"Before I went out there, the writers came to me and said, 'Hey, we need you to be entertaining.' I said, ‘I just have a bunch of thank-yous. I didn't know you guys wanted me to be entertaining. You didn't tell me.' They said, 'Well we're telling you now. What do you need for us to help you out with this promo? Is there anything we can get you to make it more entertaining?' I'm just like, 'Give me a couple half gallons of milk. Give me a cowboy hat. I'll sing Sexy Kurt. Then I'll sing the cowboy song that I sang with Vince McMahon. Then I will do a milk celebration at the end. So this was all put together in like three minutes. They literally got me the milk and a cowboy hat in like three minutes. Where do you get a little tiny cowboy hat in an arena? But they found one. That was crazy."

Kurt was asked if it was true that Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, himself, and Ronda Rousey practiced their WrestleMania match for a number of weeks before the show:

'Yes, for about two weeks every day. We went over and over and over it again. We wanted Ronda to memorize every single move because she didn't learn the full ropes of pro wrestling and the whole psychology thing. She was just learning these moves, putting them together, and making sure she got everything fluid throughout the whole match and didn't have any mess ups. So she had to memorize everything," Angle revealed.

"It was a difficult thing to do. But the whole match was built around Ronda Rousey. It was to make her look good. It was to shine her. The whole thing was meant for Ronda. We were all working for Ronda."

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