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Kurt Angle on if he’ll be wrestling more often in the future

Kurt Angle is one of the biggest assets WWE has at this point. He’s not only a Hall Of Famer for two different wrestling companies but he still has plenty of gas in the tank.

Although Angle won’t be ever coming back as a full-time performer, it’s still great to have him back in any capacity.

The Olympic Hero recently took part in a Q&A at iPlay America where none other than Howard Finkel was the moderator for the events and Angle opened up about his future in pro wrestling.

“Will I be wrestling more on then off in the future? Probably. It just took a little bit of time, and I don’t blame the company for doing what they did. I would have done the same thing. I’m glad Vince McMahon did that because I did want to prove to him that I could do what I’ve done for the past year. I think they’re going to put me in different programs with different athletes at different periods of time.”

“At my age, I’m happy to do that. I don’t expect to be wrestling like Seth Rollins or AJ Styles where they’re wrestling four or five days a week. I’ve done that, you know? With the injuries and doing that, that’s the reason I left the company in the first place.”

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