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Kurt Angle on Scott Steiner joining the WWE Hall of Fame: "He was an inspiration for me growing up."

Angle Steiner

This week on "The Kurt Angle Show," Angle talked about the Steiner Brothers going into the WWE Hall of Fame and how he feels about weapons being used in steel cage matches.

Kurt Angle talking about the Steiner Brothers going into the WWE Hall of Fame:

"The Steiners belong in the Hall of Fame. It’s about time," Angle said. "It took forever, but they finally did it."

"Scott was great. I grew up a fan of Scott as an amateur wrestler. He was an All-American at the University of Michigan. I looked up to him. When he and his brother went into pro wrestling, we all took a lot of pride in saying, ‘The Steiners are pro wrestlers now. What we were, they are part of us’, and we took a lot of pride in it."

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"I wanted to wrestle Scott. He’s one of the guys I really wanted to shoot for. He was an inspiration for me growing up.”

Kurt feels there should not be weapons used inside of a steel cage match:

“I’m not really keen on having weapons in a steel cage because in particular, the steel cage is a weapon. That’s the weapon you’re supposed to use," Kurt stated.

"Whether you bang their head off of it or slam their bodies into it, it’s about the cage. You shouldn’t have any other weapons in there. I know we did it in our 10-man steel cage match at Lockdown. I get it that they wanted to separate our match from the others and that’s why we did it, but no, you shouldn’t have weapons in the steel cage."

"The steel cage is the weapon.”

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