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Kurt Angle on Vince McMahon being a father figure, making $1 million during his first year in WWE

Kurt Angle’s rookie year (part 2) is up now at Angle talks about kissing Stephanie McMahon, working with Eddie Guerrero and Chyna, the triple threat main event at SummerSlam 2000, the heel vs. heel match against Triple H, beating The Rock for the WWF Championship at No Mercy, and defending it a month later at Survivor Series against The Undertaker.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

Angle was asked how far in advance did he know he was winning the title at No Mercy 2000:

“The Rock told me 5 days before at SmackDown.  I wasn’t expecting that because the last four months, the last four PPVs, I lost.  I lost four straight PPVs.  I didn’t see any wins coming in the near future.  It was really surprising to know that I was going to be World Champion after I just did four jobs on four different PPVs.  They were all with big names.  I was affiliated with those big names.  It kept me in the limelight to some degree even though I wasn’t a dominating heel.  I was being beat.  But at the same time, The Rock made me world champion.  That guy, this match that we had was so important to me and he didn’t have any problem with doing the job.  I really enjoyed working with him and he was awesome.  He was very giving.”

Angle talking about going through gorilla after the match:

“He (Vince McMahon) stood up.  He hugged me and said, ‘I’m proud of you.’  That meant the world to me because I always looked up to Vince as a father figure.  To have a four-star match with The Rock was a dream come true. This was the perfect dream come true to win The World Title against one of the biggest names in the business and to be a world champion for the first time.”

Angle said he made over $1 million dollars in his first year:

“My guarantee was $75,000.  I made well over that.  What I was surprised about, and I promised JR this when I accepted that contract, he said ‘You’re going to get 75 grand a year for five years.’  I signed the contract and said, ‘Don’t worry about it because I’m going to make a million in my first year.’  He said, ‘Whatever you say.’  I did make a million which I was really proud of.  I wasn’t expecting to make a million dollars my first year in the business, especially not having any kind of merchandise.  I wasn’t selling merchandise.  They weren’t hopping off the shelves.  They weren’t buying Kurt Angle stuff because I was a heel.  I didn’t make a lot on that.  I got paid to wrestle and I got paid very well to do it.  Making a million dollars a year without any kind of merchandise, I made 30 or 40 grand in merchandise, that’s about it, but I made a lot of money wrestling.  I did exceed the goal that I told JR I would do.”

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