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Kurt Angle on what happened during the real-life backstage fight between Booker T and Dave Bautista

Kurt Angle and Conrad Thompson covered Judgement Day 2006 on a recent podcast. Judgement Day 2006 included matches featuring Rey Mysterio vs. JBL for the World Championship, Booker T vs. Bobby Lashley, and Angle vs. Mark Henry.

Angle talked about the injuries piling up on him in 2006:

“I was in bad shape.  I had a lot of injuries.  At one particular time, I had the neck injury, the shoulder, I tore an abdominal muscle, a groin muscle, a hamstring.  This was all at the same time.  I was in really bad shape, and the painkiller problem wasn’t getting any better.  I was in a state of turmoil.  Even my relationship with Vince started dwindling.  It was getting more erratic.  I was calling him leaving him messages with threats.  I fell out of control.  I was at a bad point in my life.”

Angle talked about the real-life Batista – Booker T fight a few days before Judgement Day while filming a commercial for SummerSlam:

“I was there after the fight ended, but I heard what occurred.  Batista got there for a commercial shoot.  We were all doing the commercial.  I think it was for SummerSlam.  Someone approached him and Batista said, ‘Hey, when are you coming over to SmackDown because I have nobody to work with?’  Booker took that as, ‘Wait a minute, I’m on SmackDown.  There’s a lot of people to work with.’  I think Batista was just saying because there were a lot of injuries going on, and it was getting bare at the top, and he was just trying to tell the person, ‘I would love for you to come over and work a program with you.’  I don’t think it was anything personal against Booker T or anyone else on SmackDown.  So, Batista said it, and Booker T confronted him.  Now the situation got hotter because now Booker T confronts Batista.  It makes Batista look like an idiot.  Batista yells back at Booker. Then, they end up in the fight confrontation.  The fight occurred.  I got there afterward. I saw Booker T had a black eye, and Batista was a little banged up.  I thought it was a big misunderstanding.  I know they apologized afterwards and made up, and did whatever they had to do to move on.  I think it was just a big misunderstanding and they misunderstood each other about the whole situation.  It was a shame.  It really was.  It didn’t have to happen.”

Angle said he didn’t like the ending of his match with Mark Henry at Judgement Day 2006 was a countout:

“I wasn’t happy with it.  I’d rather have Mark win, or I win.  But, to have a finish being a countout is almost useless.  It really takes the air out of the match.  Thank God we had an aftermath (Angle attacked Henry with a steel chair and gave him an Angle Slam through the announce table).  That’s what saved the match.  The match was pretty good, but the finish just fizzled out the match. The aftermath is what saved the match.”

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