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Kurt Angle reacts to Austin Aries’ WWE release, Top 10 shocking confessions (video)



- WWE Hall of Famer and RAW General Manager Kurt Angle recently did a Q&A session with fans on his Facebook account. During the Q&A, he was asked about WWE releasing Austin Aries earlier this month. Angle stated, "I'm sure that neither side was happy. Austin is a very, very talented wrestler. Love his style."

The WWE Hall of Famer was also asked about how he got the right mindset for the reveal of Jason Jordan being his illegitimate son on last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. "I thought to myself what it would be like to see my son Kody for the first time ever, and didn't know it for 20 years. I thought if it were real, how would I feel?"

- WWE has uploaded the latest Top 10 video to their YouTube channel. As seen below, the video looks at 10 of the most shocking confessions.

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