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Kurt Angle reveals how his neck is holding up at this point in his career



WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle has amassed a professional wrestling career that has lasted over two-decades-long - and he's still going strong. Of course, a career that long doesn't come without sustaining a few injuries. "The Olympic Hero" is notorious for having won a gold medal in the Olympics with a broken neck. Over the course of his subsequent professional wrestling career, Angle would suffer a few more neck injuries throughout the years.

However, after several surgeries and years of rehabilitation, Angle has seemed to maintain good "maintenance," as he calls it, on his neck. Speaking in a recent Q&A on his official Facebook page, Angle offered fans an update on how his neck is feeling at this point in his professional wrestling career:

"Maintenance is key. I do lots of neck stretches, traction, heat, ice. My neck is doing well considering."

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Check out the entire Q&A below:[0]=68.ARANFYm-0KKE1oVzu6Gywyl_6OOrs9Tg2Eszm7I03y9ZhQAC8Kd5cgGlwuzWyWRrUfM1_F3u4T2YSirfDHiaq1-ZZwcEWsJGLUQjNk9uFLSwCjW-nJdxXObhpKcUoPLkEOoA6XV_zJ8kap0eCrSbg_iffSWUzozOHJ6U89gVMN9p2X8luvaqgj4kCfnsuao70ocGR6sl_-kj-APMgo-_-Sy1hUBecMG2AarQmYNG06CvoONyCm7JAvfopVjXLE8Vkx3j438H6InsBl6eYUWJPoUvke_nZzW5A-2By6ic4_NKTqQsWUVSqHuMzdW0V76pttpU5WLkoWmLlA&__tn__=-R