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Kurt Angle reveals that he would like to wrestle Daniel Bryan in his retirement match

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle recently did a Q&A session on his Facebook page. Here are the highlights.

On keeping a straight face when singing to Vince McMahon on TV:

“It was difficult. Vince told us not to laugh until he yelled “cut”. We held it in long enough to get each one done. It was all improvisation. So much fun!”

On who he would want to retire against:

“My retirement match would be Daniel Bryan. He’s so polished in the ring. I just don’t know if it’s possible. But I’d Love it!”

On if he wanted to face Undertaker at WM 22 and break the Streak instead of facing him at No Way Out:

“Undertaker at Mania was only a thought that Undertaker came up with. I would have preferred him at Mania. Not to break the streak, but for the respect I have for him. At that point in his career, he didn’t have that “Mania Match” he always wanted. But he did after WM 22. Shawn Michaels, HHH. So I’m happy he got the mania matches he deserved.”

You can see all of the questions and Angle’s responses here.


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