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Kurt Angle says he was supposed to win the WWE Undisputed Title in 2001, Ric Flair told him not to sign with WCW

Kurt Angle took fan questions on a “Ask Kurt Anything” edition of “The Kurt Angle Show” on Among the topics discussed the King of the Ring, Scott Steiner, Samoa Joe, Milk-o-Mania, Eddie Guerrero’s heart issues, Gable Stevenson’s future, his favorite movies and more.

Here are a couple of highlights from the podcast:

Kurt Angle said he was originally going to be the winner of the first Undisputed Championship at Vengeance 2001:

“I was actually set to win the title, but Vince McMahon came to me about a week before and said, ‘Hey, I’m not going to put the title on you. I’m going to put it on Jericho because he’s red hot right now. He’s working his way up. He needs this title more than you.’ I agreed with Vince. I said, ‘You’re absolutely right. I would put it on Jericho too if I were you.’ There was consideration for me to win the title, but I think that Vince went with Jericho because Jericho needed it more. Chris was a red hot babyface at the time. Giving him that title just legitimized him even more. He deserved it.”

Angle said Ric Flair told him not to come to WCW when Angle started his career:

“Somebody did approach me. I’m not sure who it was. Somebody called me and told me that they (WCW) were interested and they heard I was interested in WWE because I had just met with WWE that week. This is the same week right after the Olympics when Vince offered me that multi-million dollar deal. Somebody called me and they said, ‘Hey, if you want advice, call Ric Flair.’ I called Ric Flair because they gave me his number.

I said, ‘Ric, how are you doing?  It’s Kurt Angle.’ He said, ‘Oh my god. Kurt Angle. I watched you in the Olympics. I really appreciate your wrestling. My son is a wrestler.’ We started talking about wrestling. I said, ‘Would it be smart to go to WCW?’ He said, ‘Hell no. No way. They’re not going to use you right. You go to WWE. Vince will take care of you. Don’t come to WCW. They’re going to bury you.’ Ric was working for WCW at the time, so I thought he either didn’t want me to take his spot, or he was being honest. I think he was being honest.”

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