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Kurt Angle talks about his match with Chris Benoit at WWE Backlash 2001, high praise for AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan

WWE Backlash 2001 was covered on a recent episode of “The Kurt Angle Show” on

Angle fought Chris Benoit in a 30-minute Ultimate Submission Match at Backlash 2001.  Here are some excerpts from Kurt Angle talking about this match:

“For Chris and I, the crowd wasn’t so hot, but there was a reason for that.  We didn’t have a scoreboard or a clock and the amount of submissions Chris and I got on each other.  It was really hard to follow our match without a timer and without the amount of submissions that we had on each other.  We were working uphill the whole time to make it a success.  We had the right psychology. With a submission only match, you want the babyface to go down a couple submissions so he’s trailing.  That’s how you get the fans emotionally involved in the match so they’re going to cheer the babyface on to make this comeback, and try to surpass the heel.  We did everything right.  It was the right psychology.  We put the match together. We had an incredible match, I thought.  It wasn’t our best match, but it was pretty strong.  I think people did enjoy it, they just weren’t as vocal.”

“When you take away pinfalls, you’re taking away most of the match.  The pinfalls are the exciting moments in the match.  Having a submission match, it becomes slower.  You have a guy in a submission, there’s not a one, two, three count, so you’re just holding off, trying not to submit.  The fans are wondering if you’re going to, but, it’s hard to get into the match when you don’t have the near falls.  That really helps the psychology of the match.  That’s what makes it more exciting.  To not have pinfalls, and just have submissions, made it that much harder to have a match like that.”

Angle was asked what 2 wrestlers in WWE today could have a Submission only match:

“AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan are the two best technicians in the business today. They are, without a doubt, the two best technicians, and they both have very strong submission holds. They would have an incredible match.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit “The Kurt Angle Show on” with a h/t to for the transcription.

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