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Kurt Angle teases return of fan-favorite gimmick

It’s coming up on a year since WWE was reintroduced to the Olympic Hero Kurt Angle. Since he came back to WWE, Angle became the Raw General Manager and still holds down that position to this day.

But Angle also returned to the ring in a rather surprise last-minute decision at TLC to replace Roman Reigns. He has wrestled a couple more times since then but obviously, his full-time days as a pro wrestler is in the past. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be lacing up his boots once again especially since we’re on the Road To WrestleMania.

Angle recently posted an Instagram photo of himself from several years ago while he was proudly representing ECW with a caption that said, “Kurt Angle ‘Wrestling Machine Mode’ was my favorite character in WWE. He wasn’t very funny but he could take out anybody in an instant. Will the “wrestling machine” make a return? Stay tuned…. #itstrue.”

If this means a more intense Angle is on the horizon in WWE, then we could be in for some pretty entertaining events very soon.

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