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Kurt Angle to Conor McGregor: "get your head out of Dana White's ass"

Many current and former wrestlers are not too happy about Conor McGregor's disrespectful comments about the WWE roster. The comments were made during the UFC 202 media conference call on Friday.

Former Olympic Gold Medalist/former WWE Champion Kurt Angle issued a response to McGregor after McGregor said that he could slap the entire WWE roster. Of course, McGregor chose to stay away from criticizing WWE management and praised Vince McMahon and Triple H. Bubba Ray Dudley also had something to say.

Click here to read McGregor's initial comments and click here to read Roman Reigns' response.

I would not discount the possibility of McGregor angling for a payday in WWE. Angle and Bubba Ray Dudley's tweets are below:

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