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Kyle O'Reilly comments on why he went on hiatus from WWE NXT during COVID-19 outbreak



Kyle O'Reilly did an interview with the New York Post to hype the WWE NXT TakeOver 31 event.

In the likely main event, O’Reilly will challenge Finn Balor for the NXT Title. Up to this point in his NXT tenure, he has been positioned as a tag team wrestler, but now has the chance to become the top champion in NXT.

It turns out that when the COVID-19 pandemic started, O’Reilly joined other WWE stars who decided to go on hiatus from the company because of the illness. He went four months without wrestling until July.

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This is something that he talked about during the interview.

“As for everybody, it’s been a weird few months, it’s been a weird year. At first, when this whole thing broke out it was scary for the reasons like you said, health being a huge part of that. As we learned more about what going on, I became more confident. As time progressed, I started chomping at the bit to return. You could only do so many garage workouts in a day to keep the cabin fever away.

After a while, I was ready to come back. The company had my health in their best interest. They weren’t going to risk anything with me. Once the opportunity finally came around to come back, all the precautions had been taken and continue to be taken. I felt confident and yeah, it was a long few months. I was ready to come back a lot sooner, but that’s the way things work out and I’m glad to be finally back.”

O’Reilly also talked about wrestling Balor, possibly facing off with Adam Cole, and more. Check out the full interview here.