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Kyle O'Reilly is fine, no medical emergency



UPDATE: WWE sources are saying that O'Reilly is fine and he did not really suffer a seizure. Everything that happened was just to sell the attack that happened at the end of the show.

ORIGINAL: According to the fans in attendance at WWE NXT, Kyle O'Reilly suffered a seizure after the live NXT broadcast.

There is not much known except that Triple H was out there and he was stretchered out of the ringside area.

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O'Reilly has type 1 diabetes and that can trigger a seizure. O'Reilly took time off last year at the star of the pandemic because Type One Diabetes makes it harder for the body to fight off an infection because the body no longer produces insulin. People with Type One diabetes can be nearly three times more likely to develop seizure disorder epilepsy.

It's not clear if this happened during a match or after the physicality. We wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: A fan at the show says that the seizure happened after O'Reilly hit the steel steps. This appears to have happened during the taping that occurred after the live broadcast.