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Lacey Evans is feuding with a WWE Hall Of Famer and things have gotten personal

You can take most WWE Twitter feuds with a grain of salt because most of the time the feuds on social media are leading to something on television.

The latest feud is between Lacey Evans and WWE Hall Of Famer Madusa/Alundra Blayze. This one is interesting because they are getting pretty personal on Twitter and it doesn’t look like there’s a match scheduled for them at SummerSlam or anywhere else.

As seen below, it started when Evans making a comment about the legends at Raw Reunion. Madusa fired back with some strong words about Evans military background and her husband. She wrote: “You’ll be lucky to be considered a legend… ? you failed in the military. you live in a portable trailer, drag your kid and husband around. Ur hubby looked at me… gave me a complement and said “honey maybe you could be more like Alundra … your yesterday regurgitated garbage”

The back-and-forth insults continued and they settled down for a few days but they have picked up again and Madusa let fans know that they can let Executive Director Paul Heyman know that she would be open to stepping in the ring with Evans.

If WWE is open to bringing Madusa back for a match, I would suggest doing it on November 1st on a special all-women’s episode of SmackDown Live on FOX. The male talent will be in Saudi Arabia in that day and WWE also has SmackDown Live in the United States on that same night.

Check out the tweets below:

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