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Lacey Evans on a big goal for 2020, her character, more

Thanks to Chuck Carroll for sending us the following: 

I wanted to pass along an interview I did with Lacey Evans recently for CBS in which she states that her goal is to be champion in 2020.

We also delve into her difficult upbringing which included her parents struggle with substance abuse and depression. She says that the obstacles she faced helped shape the Lacey Evans character in the ring.

Evans then talks about not wanting to spoil her daughter and fear that she will become accustomed to a lavish lifestyle that Evans herself was not afforded growing up. Thus, despite an ample paycheck the family continues to live modestly.

We also discussed her role on the show Military Makeover and the emotions she feels as a former Marine now giving back to a deserving military family.

You can read the full interview here:

It doesn’t sound like you put up with a whole lot of mess growing up. You were on a mission to do what it is that you wanted to do and stay on the straight and narrow and make something of yourself. Your character in the ring, Lacey Evans, doesn’t put up with a whole lot of mess either. How much of the real you is actually part of the Lacy character?Oh, a lot of it. Lacey Evans is a confident, classy, sophisticated son of a gun. She’s got a sharp tongue. She’s not afraid. She’s got grit and she’s not afraid of anything. She knows what she’s capable of. One thing, without a shadow of a doubt, she will never give up. It does not matter what she faces. 

It’s cool to be able to show that side of a woman and show the beauty and the feminine qualities of a woman. I always say, I could bake a pie just as good as I can fire a weapon, because women are capable of anything. I bring that to the table to show them what women are capable of, and Lacey Evans is just a firecracker and with a bright red lip and just don’t piss her off, because you don’t want her to put her boots back on, that’s for sure.

2020 is right around the corner. Everybody is setting goals with new year’s resolutions. What are your goals for the new year?

Probably to become champ and get more opportunities to use my platform to show people what you’re capable of, no matter how hard your life is. I know sometimes things hurt really bad and I know there are a lot of bad things that are happening, and you feel so down and out on yourself. But trust me when I tell you, coming from where I come from and what I’ve been through, you are capable of anything. If I have to become a champion to tell the world that they are capable of anything, as long as they continue to fight, make a plan, and push forward, then that’s what I want to do. That is my goal.


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