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Lack of preparation could affect big Money In The Bank title match



Ronda Rousey's emergence into WWE was a well-executed plan and broke Philidelphia wide open during her Royal Rumble debut in the process. But now that Rousey had her first big WrestleMania Moment a lot of fans were wondering what's next for the former UFC Bantamweight Champion.

WWE didn't waste any time getting Rousey back in a huge marquee match because they booked her in a Raw Women's Championship Match at Money In The Bank. It is a risky move but hopefully, it will pay off. Rousey is an extremely hard worker and when she's not on her farm chilling with her goats and ducks being a doomsday prepper, she's likely staying focused on her big match in Chicago on June 17th.

"I never count Ronda Rousey out on anything never doubt her when it comes to things like this when it comes to physical performance," Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. "I am worried about it though, I don't think it's a definite though because she did awfully well at WrestleMania."

Ronda Rousey is an incredible athlete and she seems to be improving all the time but we only get to see her abilities on the microphone at this point. She had a lot of time to prepare for that amazing WrestleMania match against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and during the time training for the match, her partner even changed from The Rock to Kurt Angle.

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But only time will tell how prepared Rousey will be for Nia Jax and vice-versa. It's been noted previously how this match will likely need to be kept short because WWE doesn't want to expose Rousey or risk injuring her. After all, Nia Jax has a reputation of being pretty stiff in the ring.

"She had eight months to train [for WrestleMania]," Bryan Alvarez stated. "She just got back a European tour she will have at most three weeks to go over this match with Nia." Then Meltzer noted Ronda hasn't been on the road and Nia Jax has been making towns with the roster limiting their contact even more.

On top of that, Nia Jax is also busy filming Total Divas right now as indicated by her much-used Instagram stories. She's having a lot of fun, but is she ready for a match against Ronda Rousey?

Hopefully, WWE will be able to book their way out of this tricky situation and they could have already been laying the groundwork for that as well with Natalya's "injury" this week on Raw.

But only time will tell what direction WWE goes with things, however, don't be surprised if Rousey vs Jax doesn't stop at Money In The Bank either because they're booked against each other at the Madison Square Garden house show on July 7th.

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