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Lana drops her accent in SmackDown Live repackaging

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Lana drops her accent in SmackDown Live repackaging

Lana and Rusev used to be a pretty good team which led The Bulgarian Brute to a US Title reign and plenty of accolades both in and out of the ring. But since Lana’s repackaging, the two haven’t had much to do with each other on WWE television outside of the Mixed Match Challenge.

Lana was following Tamina Snuka around as her advisor in how to crush but since Snuka’s injury, there hasn’t been much to do with Lana. So on SmackDown Live this week The Rusevs seemed to reunite.

Lana walked on the screen and seemed to have also dropped her accent. She said she needed to talk to Rusev and proceeded to discuss what was holding him back. As you can see by the video below they might be pulling a Yoko Ono with Lana because she could be breaking up Rusev Day. She might want to create something more Ravishing with The Lion Of Bulgaria.

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