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Lana is not happy about Ronda Rousey replacing her on Total Divas



In a new video on her YouTube channel, Lana addressed the news about Ronda Rousey taking her spot on Total Divas.

As we've written about before, Lana talked about her departure from the show during an interview on Lilian Garcia's podcast. She said the E! Network made the decision to remove her and her husband Rusev from the show because focus groups did not find them likable. Several days later is when word got out that Rousey would be added to the cast for next season.

Lana made it clear that she was not happy about this. She said, "I thought all you did was diss reality stars and diss the Bellas and now you're taking my spot on Total Divas? Yes, I'm salty! Very very salty!"

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Lana went on to say that she has yet to be entertained by Rousey's work on Monday Night Raw. She added, "You will never be ravishing. You will never compare to be as ravishing as I am. No wonder I'm not liked by the E! demographic."

These days, you never know for sure when someone is shooting or working but her comments are interesting. You can hear everything she said by clicking below: