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Lana, Kevin Owens update, does CM Punk watch WWE?, John Cena on edgier roles

- For those that asked, there is no word on Lana's status for WrestleMania 31. It's possible that she could be on the show. As noted before, she is filming a WWE Studios movie.

- Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer radio that Kevin Owens could be out of the ring for 4-6 weeks. Owens underwent a partial meniscectomy for a knee injury last week. This would not affect NXT TV since they have several weeks of shows taped already.

- has an article up on UFC 185 weekend and includes a quote from CM Punk. He was asked if he watches WWE. He replied with, "Nope. She'll tell me when I should watch something, like something she's excited about it, but she never does."

- has an interview up with John Cena at this link where he talks albout playing edgier characters in movies. Cena said, “I’m trying to get my fix of the adult, non-PG racy stuff with the movie parts that I choose. I had to take a break from movies for a while to redefine where I wanted to go, but now I get my aspirational fill from being a part of the WWE family, and I can pick and choose these small, really fun movie roles where I still get to be an adult.”

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