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Lana talks about joining Total Divas, her character, The Bella Twins



WWE star Lana recently spoke with Scott Fishman for Channel Guide Magazine to promote the upcoming season of Total Divas. During the interview, Lana was asked about being herself on the show and not being in character while on the reality show.

“You are going to see me for me,” Lana said. She added that the truth is we all want to be liked as human beings because it’s human nature as everyone wants to be loved and accepted. Lana said that she is going to be vulnerable and let the fans into her life so they can see who she really is. “I have always protected my character, and Rusev has always protected his character,” Lana said. She pointed out that she always wanted to do interviews as herself because it’s who she is. She said that Lana is 100 percent an extension of her but just one side of her. She feels excited to be on the show because the fans will see the other side of her. "I feel it will also show I created this character. I grew up in Russia. I lived there for 13 years. I had crazy teachers who would yell at me and throw their bags at me at a Russian ballet school. That’s where I created this whole thing where I yell at Rusev when he isn’t doing well because that’s how they are,” Lana said.

Lana brought up The Bella Twins and noted that there are times where she gets so stressed out but they can relate to her because they came from a modeling background as well. She noted that they didn’t come from the indy scene but started their wrestling careers with WWE. "They’ve helped me with being able to transition from Raw and SmackDown to having the reality show cameras on me,” Lana said.

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You can read the entire interview here.