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Incident with Rusev reportedly leads to more backstage heat for Lana


During Tuesday morning's Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer briefly touched on Lana's character being pushed to the background in recent months. She apparently has more heat after another incident. He didn't go into specifics but the incident is another reason why she is not prominently featured on WWE television. She is backstage at TV on most weeks but she does not always come out with Rusev. Keep in mind that, at one time, she was one of Vince McMahon's favorite Divas.

On his podcast, Konnan claimed that Lana basically dressed down Rusev at an airport a couple of months ago and Rusev got heat for not standing up for himself. I guess that explains The Rock's promo on Lana this week.

Prior to this incident, she had heat with management after she went public on TMZ about her real-life engagement with Rusev. The problem management had with that was that she was in a storyline relationship with Dolph Ziggler and that caused them to change plans and drop the angle.

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Rusev went on twitter to accuse Dave Meltzer of posting lies about him: