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Lana shoots hard on Ronda Rousey



Lana, in response to a tweet from Ruby Riott, took to Twitter to shoot on Ronda Rousey.

Riott's tweet is obviously meant to hype her match with Rousey on Sunday at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. She wrote, "Who cares about what’s best for business or what these people want?! You’re so focused on giving the #WomensEvolution what they deserve, that you’re not even looking at #EliminationChamber. So I’ll gladly take your title & main event #Wrestlemania whether they like it or not."

However, Lana is on a different brand and there are no hints of her getting into a storyline with Rousey anytime soon, had some words and it may stem from the fact that she was replaced by Rousey on the upcoming season of Total Divas.

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Lana wrote, "I would be thrilled if you took her place ! So overrated she is ! ? I mean she claims to change the game yet she can’t bring ratings .... soooo ummm ?"

You never know where the lines get blurred with some of these Twitter exchanges because oftentimes they are just to build a match but Lana's tweet sure is interesting.

Earlier this week on Lilian Garcia's podcast, Lana revealed that she and her husband Rusev were removed from the show because the E! Network's focus group did not find them likable. Fast forward a few days and news gets out about Rousey replacing her.

You can see her tweet below: