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Lana talks about marrying Rusev, if their wedding will be featured on Total Divas, more

Lana recently spoke with about her recent wedding to Rusev and more. During the interview, Lana was asked the differences between her Bulgarian wedding and her wedding in Malibu.

“It was completely different. Specifically starting with the ceremony alone, the Malibu ceremony was on the beach. My dad, who is also a minister, led the ceremony, but it was not a traditional ceremony versus the Bulgarian one, which was in an Orthodox church and everything was very traditional. I also learned very quickly that Rusev doesn’t know all his traditions; it’s really his mother that knows all the traditions. So I quickly had to learn them if we wanted to carry them on. [Laughs]”

Lana was asked if her wedding will be featured on the upcoming season of Total Divas on the E! Network. Lana confirmed that it would be.

“Yes! Naomi and Natalya were my bridesmaids. I was really excited to have them there and you actually see how Natalya has been such a big mentor to me. You’ll see throughout the entire season how she helps me plan my wedding. I’m so glad she was there in Bulgaria, because some of the traditions were hard for me to accept and go through, but she helped me [learn] to let things go and not worry. That was really cool for me, because I’ve become really close friends with them. I’m really glad they got to be there and witness all these crazy Bulgarian traditions. I’m really excited for the WWE Universe to see it. Rusev is such a special person and his traditions are so special.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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