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Lana wants fans to know the truth about the real Rusev



Lana is keeping kayfabe alive with her latest tweet about Rusev.

Rusev was one of the WWE stars released yesterday and while there has been a ton of support shown on social media from other wrestlers, fans have been waiting to see if Lana would say something since, according to WWE storylines, she is married to Bobby Lashley.

Lana posted a video from a few years ago of him berating her on an episode of WWE Raw and she wrote, "I hate to be the person in these trying times but let this be a reminder of who @RusevBUL really is !!! #ThankYouRusev ...... NEXT !!!!! #thankunext"

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Of course, in real life they are still married and I'm told they are happier than ever. It's great to see kayfabe still lives even on Twitter.