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Lana’s Twitter hacked

When you’re a WWE Superstar you really have to keep in mind that you have a huge amount of people who can see everything that’s posted online via your social media accounts, therefore it’s always a good idea to keep your phone on lockdown. On that note, it looks like Lana needs to do a better job of keeping track of her phone.

Rusev has been known to be a prankster with a hilarious personality which is one of the reasons why he’s such a treasure to have on Total Divas. But he might have taken it a step too far recently when he hacked his wife Lana’s Twitter account. Some might consider it a step too far but it’s pretty hilarious to a lot of people as well.

The Bulgarian Brute took the opportunity to let everyone know it’s Rusev Day and even posted a selfie in the process. We can only assume Lana wasn’t too happy about this and she might need to update her phone’s passcode as well.

But on a day like Rusev Day, this kind of thing is always appreciated. Since every day is Rusev Day we’re going to give this one a pass for being extremely appropriate.

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