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Lance Archer shares the differences between his neck injury and Big E's

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

AEW's Lance Archer appeared on this week's "The Wrestling Perspective" podcast where he discussed his neck injury, Big E's neck injury, and what it's like to have Jake Roberts as a manager.

Lance Archer was asked the difference between the injury Big E suffered compared to the injury he suffered in 2021:

"First of all, for Big E, I hope for a speedy recovery for the guy," Archer said. "I was literally there on his first day of training at FCW way back in the day. He's a super good dude from the very beginning. Everybody that seems to know him and love him, we're all hoping he has a speedy recovery."

"His (injury) seems to be a little more severe than mine. I got lucky and was blessed because I didn't actually break my neck. The MRIs that I got were all clean. I didn't have any damage to the spinal cord, no brakes, nothing like that. I just ultimately had severe trauma to the muscles through my neck and into my back. It's basically like having a severe whiplash situation on my part," Archer said.

"So for him, you know, luckily he said he has cracked vertebrae, but nothing that requires surgery from what he said, which is an amazing thing. But it's a long process."

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"It's just kind of that mental aspect going on. Like, for me even now, I think I'm as recovered as I'm going to ever be, but my body kind of still protects itself, like somebody will say something, they'll be like, 'Hey Lance', and instead of just turning my head and looking at them, I'll do the whole body turn. I don't even really need to do it. It's just my body is still kind of in that, protect yourself locked down and make sure you don't hurt yourself mode."

Archer’s thoughts on having Jake Roberts as his manager:

"A couple of different people were brought up, and Jake was the one that I felt matched the most with me just physically and style and things like that. I understood it," Lance shared.

"The fans are a lot smarter, and we did have a lot of fans that knew the New Japan product. But AEW was still an American product, a Western product. There were a lot of fans that hadn't watched New Japan, and I've been out of the American wrestling scene for nearly nine years. Even when I first started, people were like, 'Oh, is that the dude from Rock and Rave?' That's how far back they were thinking. They're like, 'Oh my God, that was like 12 or 15 years ago that happened.’ So they hadn't seen me. They didn't know me. They didn't know this version of me."

"Jake is a legend. He's somebody that everybody knows and can associate with one way or another generationally, and he can talk like no other. I like to believe that I can cut a pretty decent promo, and I've gotten a lot better at it, but that was never my strong suit. My strong suit was being that intimidating force in the ring. Jake was a guy that could cut that promo and tell your story without even doing anything physically."

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