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Lance Storm decided to sign with WCW after WWF President Jack Tunney hung up on his stepdad

Lance Storm joined Bryan Alvarez on Friday’s Wrestling Observer Live to discuss some of the wrestling news from the week. Storm told an interesting story about Jack Tunney, who was the figurehead President of the World Wrestling Federation for several years in the 80s and early 90s.

Lance Storm said WWE was not his goal when breaking into wrestling and then he talked about his stepdad getting in touch with Jack Tunney. Storm said, “I know when I broke in, WWE was not my goal. WCW was always my goal because I was an NWA/WCW fan so from the day I started training, WCW was my goal. When I was looking for a wrestling school, my stepdad had called and actually got through to Tunney at the WWE offices in Toronto to ask how people got into wrestling. Jack Tunney had told him ‘We get all our promos from the amateur ranks.’

When my stepdad told me that, I said, ‘he lied to you.’ That’s not where they get their talent so my stepdad called him back to call him on his lie. When he was talking to him the second time, Jack Tunney got fed up I guess and said, ‘You know, to be perfectly honest sir, I just assumed not bother with you’ and hung up on him. So at that point, in the back of my mind, my ultimate goal was to succeed enough in wrestling that the day would come where I could pick WCW or WWE and I could tell WWE, ‘To be perfectly honest, I just assume not bother with you and sign with WCW.’ That was in the back of my head. Now Jack Tunney, I think one year later, got fired and was no longer with WWE and thinking I ended up in WCW and had they not shut down, there’s a good chance I would have finished my career there and never been in WWE.”

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