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Lance Storm is open to having one final match against Chris Jericho in AEW

This week’s episode of Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez and Lance Storm is a Q&A episode where Storm answers fan questions about his career and his thoughts on the wrestling business.

A listener mentioned that Chris Jericho has said that he would be interested in having a retirement match against Storm. Storm was asked if he would be interested in that or doing business with AEW.

“Well, the idea of the match was mine,” Storm said. I had mentioned it for years and I think the first time I did Jericho’s podcast, we were wrapping up the show and he mentioned about ‘are you gonna have another match or are you done’ because I was [teaching] at the school already. I had mentioned that I had always wanted to do my last match with [Jericho]. I always thought it would be cool to have my first and my last match with the same guy. I could have done it if I had just stayed retired after One Night Stand. But at that time I mentioned that it would be really cool if we could both have our last match together and we would both start and finish on the exact same note. He’s like, ‘that’s a great idea, let’s make a pact right now, let’s do it.’ We sort have agreed to do it but it’s going to come down to when he decides he’s willing to retire or whether I’m still at that point ready to have a match or whether we’ll just be two damn old guys in a sh*tty building somewhere…”

“I would certainly be open to doing the last match with Jericho, I ‘d love to do it that way. If it was in AEW or Jericho-Storm promotions on some indy show we do for ourselves, I’d be open to anything.”

Storm also talked about wrestlers that work stiff, safe wrestlers that look like they work stiff, interactions with John Tenta, why tag team wrestling is not pushed as a big deal in WWE, being told at the last minute about his WWE debut during the WCW invasion and much more.

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