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Lance Storm on Triple H taking over for Vince McMahon, what AEW needs to do to improve the women’s division

This week’s episode of Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez and Lance Storm is a Q&A edition where Lance takes questions from subscribers.

You can listen to the entire Q&A via if you have a subscription and the video feed is up at

Lance said the following after he was asked what he thinks is the best way forward for the AEW Women’s division:  “Well, I’m a big fan of Hikaru Shida. She’s quite talented and they have a couple of other women that are and then there are other women that I think need more work and more ring time. It’s a real crux in the COVID environment because AEW doesn’t run other shows. There are not a lot of indie shows to get work. I think Dustin is opening a school and Cody has a school. I think they are going to need to get these women together as a group with some really either highly skilled women wrestlers or some really skilled trainers and work with them and up their game. This is something that is not just the AEW women’s division.

I think there are a lot in the industry now. That’s one of the things I think is helping Dominik is that I trained him how to work more than how to do moves and spots. Rey and probably Seth and Murphy are coming up with some really cool spots and stuff for him and that’s great. I think especially considering his level of experience, he holds the middle ground together much better because when he was with me, we wrestled a lot of matches where there was nothing planned. We went out there and wrestled. He listened and followed and had to fill in a lot of the blanks on his own. I think that’s something, and again, it’s not just the AEW women’s division, but many of them that are in it could use that overall all-around work experience rather than, ‘ok, this is the one really cool spot you’re doing. This is the one really cool spot this other woman is doing.’

Then they go in the match and I find in many cases, and again not exclusive to this division, there’s the spots that sometimes come together really well, but, the in between stuff seems to be missing like the music between the notes.  I think working matches and wrestling, even if it’s the come on down to so and so’s school, here’s a ring, and you guys are going to wrestle for 10 minutes, you have no plan, go and work on the ability to do that. Then you have to piece in the neat and cool spots and stuff that are going to stand out on television and it won’t have as many dead spots in between or out of place spots where you can see them running around to set up a spot. Once you learn how to truly work, then putting spots and stuff together can still look like a really good match.”

Storm was asked about Triple H potentially booking WWE when Vince moves on:  “I will say I am a big fan and supporter of Hunter.  When I was an agent, there were several TV’s when Hunter was there. There were a couple of segments where Hunter was running things because Vince wasn’t there.  I think he’s a really sharp guy.  I enjoyed working with him.  I thought he was very professional.  I thought he was very easy to talk to and deal with.  I think he will be good.  Is he the greatest booker in the world, probably not.  But then again, I don’t know who is.  I very much believe in him and his abilities.  Again, I found him very easy to work with so I’m a supporter of his.”

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