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Lance Storm says he and Mike Awesome were supposed to win the WCW Tag Team Titles on the final Monday Nitro



Former WCW announcer/TNA announcer David Penzer talked with Lance Storm, Scott Hudson, and Chavo Guerrero to talk about the final episode of WCW Monday Nitro.

Here are a couple of highlights from the podcast:

Lance Storm said he and Mike Awesome were supposed to win the WCW Tag-Team on the final Nitro:

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“I’m pretty sure, although I’m not positive, but my memory is that Mike Awesome and I were actually going to win the tag titles from Palumbo and O’Haire that night, but when they (WWE) had to take the heavyweight title off Scott Steiner and put it on Booker because they were hiring Book and not Scottie, that they decided they didn’t want to change every title because I think they changed the Cruiser as well. I missed out on my very close to clean sweep of all the WCW titles by a night. We still had the match. It was a crazy night.”

Chavo Guerrero Jr is currently working on the sitcom, “Young Rock”. He addresses the characters of The Iron Sheik and Andre the Giant on the show:

“Usually everybody says that he looks more like Iron Sheik than anybody they’ve ever seen. Iron Sheik is probably not PG. The real impression of Iron Sheik is probably not PG and probably not understandable, especially when he gets upset because he will revert back to speaking Persian. Even our Andre character, he originally did more of a French accent to mimic Andre more, but he had to go back and do a lot more voice overs to clean it up so that the audience could understand it. We could understand Andre the Giant at times, and Iron Sheik, but we were around them in the locker room forever. Some layman that is not part of the wrestling world, would have a hard time understanding these guys. Really, wrestling shows like GLOW, Young Rock, and all these shows, although they embrace the wrestling fans, they make them for the general audience, for everybody to actually come in and enjoy this.”

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