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Lanny Poffo addresses the Randy Savage-Stephanie McMahon rumors

Lanny Poffo was on last week’s PWTorch Livecast with Wade Keller. Lanny talked about his career, his brother’s career, his run with Hulk Hogan in 1989, and tons more. It’s a really good interview. He also told the story about Randy wanting to do a 2 year feud with Shawn Michaels and being turned down by Vince McMcMahon. He also said that Randy took the Slim Jim deal with him to WCW so it was a financial blow to WWE at the time.

Lanny addressed the Stephanie McMahon rumors. He said it’s a good question for Stephanie because he and Randy were real close but Randy never did kiss and tell and he never said anything to Lanny about Stephanie. Lanny said that if Randy had done anything illegal then Vince would have pressed charges. He says that since no charges were pressed then he’ll guess that Randy didn’t do anything wrong.

Lanny talked about the Billionaire Ted skits and how Randy took it personal. Then a few years later (after WCW folded) Triple H did a magazine interview. Triple H called Savage and Hulk Hogan “dinosaurs.” Randy really liked Triple H so he was really offended and hurt by Triple H’s comments. After that happened then Randy made a video ripping Triple H and made a comment about Stephanie McMahon. Randy thought it hurt his brand name to be called a dinosaur. Lanny said that he didn’t have the guts to ask Randy about the rumors while Randy was alive. He reiterated again that he doesn’t know and the other person that was allegedly in the room was Stephanie.

Here is the video that Lanny referenced (NSFW language). Underneath the video is the podcast. Lanny talks about the rumor at about the 35 minute mark.


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