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Lanny Poffo talks about the Stephanie McMahon-Randy Savage rumors and why Savage is not in the Hall of Fame

Lanny Poffo did an interview with the Tampa Bay Tribune and he spoke about his late brother "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

Poffo talked about the bad blood that existed between between Savage and Vince McMahon. Poffo said that in 1987 the WWF held an event for "old timers" and Savage asked Vince if he could include his father Angelo Poffo. Vince declined. Poffo said that Randy never forgot that and felt his father deserved to be in that match.

The article notes that in the early 90s Vince thought Savage's best days in the ring were behind him but Savage did not agree. Poffo said that Savage was bothered by the Nacho Man skits but wasn't as bothered until he saw a skit that insinuated that Hulk Hogan fooled around with Hulk Hogan. Poffo said that Savage never forgave them for the skit.

Savage later retorted with a video slamming Vince and his daughter. This might be where those rumors came from. However, Vince did call Savage in 2010 and offered to put him in the Hall of Fame but Savage would only accept if his father and brother were inducted with him. WWE declined. Shortly after that his father passed away and Poffo said that WWE never called to offer condolences. Poffo also said that when Randy died the company never offered condolences and feels that the video that aired on Raw was for public relations purposes.

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Poffo noted that WWE also called in 2012 and offered to posthumously induct Savage. Poffo says that he has softened his stance but if they do induct Savage he would not attend since it would be against Randy's wishes to have the family go in with him.

Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, and Gene Okerlund were interviewed for the story. WWE declined to comment.

You can read the entire article by clicking here. If you want to see the video that Poffo is referencing then click here. NSFW language.