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LAPD caught up with Enzo Amore after he was kicked out of WWE Survivor Series


We will try to get more information but we're told that Los Angeles Police Department caught up with Enzo Amore outside of the Staples Center after he was kicked out.

We're told that WWE officials were also there and it goes without saying that people in the company are not happy. For those of you that have asked, this was not an angle and Kevin Dunn instructed the cameramen not to show him on camera.

Legally, it doesn't look like he did anything wrong but WWE does have the right to ban people from their shows especially if they feel like they will cause a disturbance which is what Amore did.

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Earlier today, Amore released a single on ex-girlfriend Liv Morgan and he was kicked off a plane that was on the way to Los Angeles because he refused to stop vaping.

Several of you have asked if there's any chance WWE would bring him back. We're told that there are no plans for WWE to do business with him again.

Amore tweeted this shortly after being kicked out of Staples Center: