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Lars Sullivan accused of sending unsolicited inappropriate messages to a married woman

Lars Sullivan’s return to WWE TV on Friday Night Smackdown is being overshadowed by more of his online activities. This time, Sullivan is being accused of sending inappropriate messages to a married woman.

A thread on Reddit popped up today with screenshots allegedly sent by Sullivan to Annika Naidoo-Fuge, who goes under the username Yogafortheathlete on Instagram. Her profile says that she is a wellness expert, a yoga teacher, and a life coach.

The messages (seen below) show Sullivan asking her how much it costs for her “booty program.” She notes that it costs $50 and he follows up by allegedly telling her, “I’d double that for pics! Just sayin!”

The messages continue with him saying that he is “enamored” with her profile and “I like looking at your legs.”

In another message, Sullivan allegedly said, “You got any booty pics in those hon?” She responded, “Hey lars. I’m going to refund you your money. I told you before I block people who send me messages like this so you’ve kind of had a warning. I don’t have time to work with clients who don’t respect boundaries – I’m a happily married woman. It’s also not very smart on your part given you’re quite well known.”

Sullivan was previously in hot water back in 2019 when old website forum messages popped up online of his misogynistic and racist posts. Sullivan was scheduled to start a WrestleMania feud with John Cena but ended up flying home due to what was said to be issues related to anxiety. He returned to action later that year but ended up sidelined due to injuries.

During his injury recovery, screenshots from an adult video from several years ago made the rounds online.

You can see the screenshots below that were posted on Reddit:

Note: Annika Naidoo-Fuge confirmed the authenticity of the screenshots to and noted that Sullivan had been friendly for the better part of the year and the inappropriate messages started recently.

The poster on Reddit said the following: “This is 100% real. Original poster is a buddy. Lars has been trying to slide in those DMs for over a year.”


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