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Lars Sullivan has apologized to the WWE roster



Lars Sullivan has apologized to the WWE roster for bigoted comments on that were posted years ago before he signed with the company.

These comments surfaced online again recently which caught the attention of many people on social media. The backlash got to the point where WWE said in a statement they will be fining Sullivan $100,000 and he will be required to complete sensitivity training.

Longtime WWE star Titus O’Neil mentioned in a recent post on his official Twitter account that Sullivan apologized to the WWE roster.

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“@LarsSWWE I Applaud you for seeking out myself&Others on the @WWE Roster to not only Sincerely Apologize, But also seek Guidance as to how to move forward in being a Better Human Being than you were 9years ago. Nobody is Perfect Including Thank you @VinceMcMahon 4Taking action!!”

WWE’s Scott Armstrong chimed in once a fan was trying to claim that WWE didn’t actually fine Sullivan and that it was just a public stunt. O’Neil would later see that and write the following:

“@WWEArmstrong You nor anyone else that TRULY KNOWS ME needs to Respond,Defend or Entertain the negative opinions of what I tweeted about @LarsSWWE If they don’t know you Personally don’t take it Personal. I stand by my Unsolicited,UnCoerced tweet that was filled with MY OPINION!”