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Lars Sullivan reportedly spoke with The New Day about his racist comments

It looks like Lars Sullivan’s job is safe in WWE and he will move on after his messageboard posts went viral again on Reddit.

Earlier today, he issued an apology and he privately apologized to the company several months ago when his bigoted comments first went viral. Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that WWE has known about what he said for a long time.

On Friday’s Wrestling Observer Live, Alvarez said that Sullivan has apologized to The New Day.

Alvarez said, “He talked to Big E [and] I believe all of the members of The New Day. As I noted yesterday, WWE has been aware of this forever. This was nothing new and he apologized to them for it in the past and it was considered a dead issue but it has come up twice in the last six months so this time he did in fact address it with that statement.”

Click here to read Sullivan’s statement.

Sullivan is currently on the WWE European tour and, as of now, he will continue getting his main event push. When the decision was made for him to move up to the main roster, the plan was (and still is) for him to become a top heel and eventually challenge for one of the top titles.

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