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Lars Sullivan thinks becoming WWE Champion in near future is realistic goal

Lars Sullivan has a bright future in WWE especially now that he’s on the main roster. He made his main roster debut on last week’s episode of Raw by attacking Kurt Angle. Since then, he’s been attacking notable stars and is now featured on the SmackDown Live brand.

In a recent Instagram post, he revealed his lofty yet realistic goal in WWE. This comes after the company is giving him a big push currently on television. Due to his size and look, many fans think that it’s only a matter of time before he’s WWE Champion.

It turns out that Sullivan shares that same mindset, which isn’t a bad thing. He was a force while in WWE NXT and now on the main roster.

He predicts “Within 18 months is my realistic goal” to become WWE Champion. This response came after a fan who asked when he’d become WWE Champion. This led to another fan bringing up how Lars is now in Roman Reigns yard on SmackDown Live. He answered, “I’ll take a dump in his yard.”

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