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Latest developments on Neville’s WWE Status

UPDATE: Since this post was published, we received an email with a note letting us know that Neville’s private Facebook account shows that he moved to London a few months ago.

ORIGINAL: When Neville made a sudden exit from WWE it left a lot of people wondering what happened in the process. After all, he was one of the best parts of 205 Live. But Neville’s frustration grew due to WWE’s booking and the fact Enzo Amore was being pushed as the top face of the Cruiserweight Division so he decided to make his exit from WWE.

According to his wife’s Instagram account, Neville isn’t actually living in the United States at this point. Apparently, he moved back to the United Kingdom some time ago and did so while staying very much under the radar. He reportedly had a chance to say goodbye to some people before leaving but this should be a sign of where his mind is at in regards to a WWE return.

Hopefully, Neville and WWE can work something out or WWE will just release him so Neville can go back to being Pac and he can wrestle once again. But for the time being it looks like he’s still locked into a contract.

In the meantime, it looks like there’s little chance of seeing Neville make a WWE return because he’s reportedly not even living in the country anymore.

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